1. BOYS IN THE WOOD video premiere today! Directed by Matt Swinsky & ATL Twins.
    From Underneath the Rainbow, out March 18th on Vice

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  4. Weird night in Stockholm from a few years ago. Pete Doherty and company showed up at the venue we were playing asking if they could get on the bill. I guess they’d been denied entry into Switzerland for some reason. We agreed. He wanted to do a Clash song with us, but we insisted on doing Elvis. When we finished the Swedish cops raided the place and took him away. Still don’t really know why. Our guitars were also lost in the melee but somehow we got them back the next morning.

  5. Tuffest gang around

  6. Link Wrays response to the hippies

  7. Swiss Rockabillies circa 1962

  9. james son thomas

  10. Its a family tradition


  11. "THe Old days back when Boys were men"
  12. the dandy
    train hopping mumford and sons ass hipster
    romantically disheveled
    the avant guard hipster
    young buck
    sensitive indie rock type
    could see this kid a black lips show
    Bohemian and his gal
    dapper mod

    civil war hipsters

    U can learn a lot from the past

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  13. I-Dawgs grill is baaaack!!

  14. FAD

    save the best for first

    Our first music video! I think we recorded this in 2001(yesteryear)Ben Eberbaugh plays guitar(R.I.P) even though its Jack our second guitarist in this 35 mm film Directed by Monty Buckles.this was big budget video and should have made us Rockstars,but we had to let the Vines and the mooney susuki get there 15 minutes first#FADS(All good)

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